26 Jun 2014

Service Bulletin 20 Published

For the replacement of Rego 7141 couplings where the connecting nut and/or centre body are manufactured from brass

Service Bulletin 20 is now on the Cameron Balloons Limited Website:


Cameron Balloons' service experience has identified the need for more robust fuel system components and over the years we have progressively improved our designs at Cameron Balloons to minimise the risk of an uncontained liquid propane leak.

• In 1985 Cameron Balloons introduced an improved “RegO” hose connector (with stainless steel internal components, replacing brass parts) and a substantial one-piece cylinder valve.

• In 2009 Cameron Balloons introduced stainless steel fittings for all propane hoses.

Testing, carried out as part of our continuous product improvement programme, has shown that commercially available “Rego” hose connectors, manufactured with brass internal components, have less than half the strength of the Cameron coupling.

As a result of this work and under our obligations as an EASA Approved Organisation, we are recommending that this type of commercially available basic brass coupling is no longer used with any Cameron Balloons built balloons.

The report of our full and thorough testing has been shared in advance with the other balloon manufacturers and EASA.

Service Bulletin 20 is applicable to ALL Cameron balloons regardless of the manufacturer of the burner system.

If you have any questions or if we can offer any further help, advice or replacement please contact us at Cameron Balloons
enquiries@cameronballoons.co.uk  or  telephone +44(0)117 963 7216

For copies of any of the Cameron Balloons Technical Support Documents and Downloads - please see our support section - http://www.cameronballoons.co.uk/support

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