07 Jan 2016

Service Bulletin 23: Lindstrand Jetstream Burner

Service Bulletin 23. Lindstrand Jetstream Burner – Background.

Following the closure of Lindstrand Hot Air Balloons Ltd. (LHABL), Cameron Balloons Ltd has adopted all EASA certified hot air balloons designed by LHABL. As part of our responsibilities we are required to address a possible safety issue with the Lindstrand Jetstream burner.

The main and liquid fire valves of the Jetstream burner are designed so that the potential for wear exists between the valve stem and the seat carrier. If the seat carrier wears to the point of failure the valve stem can be ejected through the base of the manifold block causing an uncontained leak of liquid propane.
This potential danger has already been removed in burners designed by Sky Balloons and Thunder and Colt.
Cameron Balloons has introduced Service Bulletin No. 23 to address this safety issue.
We have categorised the Service Bulletin as “Highly Recommended”.

It calls for a one-time inspection of the seat carriers in the burner.

Its purpose is to determine the extent of wear occurring in normal use and to ensure that an unsafe condition does not exist. The inspection should be carried out at the next scheduled inspection of the burner (100 hour or annual).

Accomplishment instructions and a confirmation slip to be returned to the factory are included with the Service Bulletin.
The results of these inspections will determine whether any further action is required.

A modification kit can be purchased from Cameron Balloons which addresses the issue identified with the original design.
Fitting the modified parts will remove the need for further action. Instructions for fitting these parts are included in the Service bulletin.
Note: the modification kits do not include replacement seat carriers, which should be ordered separately if required.

Full SB23 details are here http://www.cameronballoons.co.uk/uploads/Approved%20Modifications/Support%20Files/Service%20Bulletins%20-%20All%20Types/SB23_Rev_0.pdf

Modification kits are available from Cameron Balloons

CQ2042 Valve Stem Replacement  Mod Kit (Short Spindle Valves) - £37 or €52 each

CQ2043 Valve Stem Replacement  Mod Kit (Long Spindle Valves) - £39 or €55 each

CQ2044 Valve Stem Replacement Mod Kit (Remote Control Spindle Valves) - £46 or €65 each

BU8018 - Seat Carrier Including Insert - £15 or €21 each

& you may also need
BU2040 Valve Handle Pivot Pin - £2.25 or €3.15 each
BU2298 Copper Washer  £1.25  €1.75 each
Prices are plus VAT and shipping as applicable.

Each modification kit contains a new ‘fail-safe’ valve stem with an integral anti-ejection collar, replacement seat carrier sleeve, stem seal and PTFE energized seal for one valve.

Fitment of this modification kit removes any further need for, future wear check inspections on the valve.

It should be noted that SB23 (Service Bulletin Number 23) also includes a confirmation slip, which should be returned to Cameron Balloons Ltd, to enable a database of observed wear measurements to be further compiled and studied.
Please scan and email to lindstrand@cameronballoons.co.uk

or post to
Technical Department
Cameron Balloons Ltd
St John Street

SB23 Frequently Asked Questions & Answers:

Question: Why do I need to do this?
Answer: We have seen cases of wear which, if not rectified, could cause the valve stem to be ejected allowing a jet of propane to come out of the bottom of the burner

Question: I’ve had my burner for 15 years and nothing has gone wrong so far. Why do I need to spend all this money now?
Answer: This is a safety check, as the burner fleet gets older the possibility of this being a problem becomes greater.

Question: What happens if I choose to ignore it?
Answer: If you are a private owner and manage your own airworthiness it is your decision and you will bear any risk of not following the recommendation. If you a commercial operator you will need to discuss it with your Maintenance Organisation or CAMO.

Question: If this is a mistake in the original design, why do I have to pay for the replacement parts?
Answer: The organisation that designed the burner is no longer trading. Cameron Holdings bought the intellectual property but do not have any liability for past actions

Question: What does highly recommended mean?
Answer: Highly recommended is the highest category we can give the Service Bulletin. It means that we believe there is a safety concern which, if not rectified, could result in an unsafe condition.

Question: My Jetstream burner has squeeze action valves, is it affected by SB23? 
Answer: The squeeze action main valves are not affected, but the burner is affected because SB23 still applies to the toggle-action liquid fire valves.

Question: Do I need to change the seal carrier?
Answer: The seal carrier should be changed if worn. It may make economic sense to change the seal carrier whilst the burner is disassembled.

Question: Why isn’t the seal carrier included in the Modification Kit? 
Answer: The seal carrier is not modified so is not included

Question: Will SB23 damage may burner in any way?
Answer: It is possible that some slight tool marking or scratching may be caused when unscrewing the valve bodies, especially if the valve body is very tight or has been installed using an adhesive sealant.

Question: I have a Lindstrand Airship what do I do?
Answer: Cameron Balloons do not hold the Type Certificate for the Lindstrand Airship. You should contact your CAMO (if applicable) or National Aviation Authority

Question: What do I need to do if I contract my continued airworthiness management to a CAMO?
Answer: They will recommend a course of action to you.

Question: I use my Lindstrand Burner with an Ultramagic Envelope, Am I affected?
Answer: Yes the service bulletin is applicable to the Jetstream burner regardless of whose envelope it is attached to.

For further advice, information and ordering parts please contact:
+44 (0)117 963 7216 – Nick, Craig, Simon, Lindsay or Andy.