03 Jun 2014

Private Pilot Licence Balloons Ground Exam Syllabus

For all those student hot-air balloon pilots, here are some helpful reminder notes...

The syllabus for the Ground Examinations is available from the British Balloon & Airship Club (It is in the BBAC Training Manual document).


At the moment there are 5 hot-air balloon theory papers

- Air Law

- Balloon Systems

- Human Performance & Limitations

- Meteorology

- Navigation


The recommended reading for the PPL(b) is:

Air Pilots Manual Volume 2 - Air Law & Meteorology    ISBN-13: 978-1840373059
Air Pilots Manual Volume 6 - Human Performance    ISBN-13: 978-1840371666
BBAC Training Manual - Available from Cameron Balloons or the Training Officer at The British Balloon & Airship Club
Manufacturers Flight Manual - Balloon Systems – download your FREE Cameron Balloons Flight & Maintenance Manual here http://www.cameronballoons.co.uk/support#hot-air-balloon-flight-manual-en

Cameron Balloons can help with any aspect of pilot training - you can contact us at enquiries@cameronballoons.co.uk +44(0)117 963 7216


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