10 Apr 2014

City Water Slides

Bristol Council about four times a year closes some of the city’s busiest streets and with the help of local shopkeepers, artists, musicians and the public, they take over. This enables everyone to enjoy and have fun in the normally very urban spaces…

But what has this to do with Cameron Balloons?
Well, we are very well-known for working alongside artists and creators and this new project ‘Park and Slide’ not only was a great piece of temporary installation art, it was a fun and interactive piece too. 

‘It transformed a busy city street for the day.’ Luke Jerram, creator explained ‘Park and Slide was a unique and memorable once-in-a-lifetime experience, which asked people to take a fresh look at the potential of their city and the possibilities for transformation... Imagine if there were permanent slides right across Bristol: linking Clifton with Hotwells; Cotham with Stokes Croft. This is our city, and maybe it's up to us to shape its future?’

Park and Slide Design by Artist Luke Jerram

Don Cameron contacted Luke Jerram at the preliminary idea stage and from that initial meeting and Luke’s sketches Cameron Balloons developed a build schedule to manufacture the design exactly to his specification.

The blue 90 metre ‘Park and Slide’, sewn and welded, impervious to water strip of robust fabric was manufactured by the Cameron Fabric Engineering arm of Cameron Balloons Ltd with the fabrication costs kindly being sponsored by www.everyoneactive.com leisure centres as part of the Bristol 'Make Sundays Special' Campaign. 

Park and Slide in construction at Cameron Balloons Ltd in Bristol

Crowd funding the project was a way of giving a feeling of ownership of the idea to the people of Bristol. Luke coordinated the project giving both his time and effort in kind. Although, only a few hundred were actually able to have a slide, happily to everyone’s amazement 96,000 people - many not even based in the Bristol area registered to give it a try!

What an inspirational event and the marvellous by-product of this great idea is that it involves having more fun – so come on everyone, let's support that idea…. Now let us see what else can we dream up?

Highlights from Bristol’s events last year have been, rows of tables with chess boards, table-tennis areas, family activities, art and music making, street food, dance troops and exhibitions. Some of these original ideas have even stuck all year around - so perhaps we, the city of Bristol, really do need a permanent 90metre slide down one of our busiest commuter streets! 
It would certainly make travelling to work much more fun - albeit slightly more soggy!

Congratulations to Artist Luke Jerram, Bristol City Council, Richmond Event Management, the great British public and of course Eileen, Adrian, Liz and Chris of Cameron Fabric Engineering who worked together to make this marvellous slide.

Since 2014 and the launch of the first UK city waterslide of its kind in Bristol, Cameron Balloons has made slides for fund-raising events for the RNLI 'Brighton's City Centre Waterslide Spectacular' - a modular 90metre slide with inflatable 'start gate', digitally printed removeable artworks, air-filled inflated side-barriers and a splash pool at the end of the slide and a 100 metre slide for Durham's Herrington County Park.

For further information about types of water slides, sizes, colours, installation help or advice and delivery times please contact sales@cameronballoons.co.uk +44(0) 117 963 7216


Park and Slide in Production at Cameron Balloons Ltd United Kingdom

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