21 Feb 2014

Safire Burner unwrapped

The supremely powerful Cameron Balloons Safire Burner

Over the next few days all these pieces will be crafted into Cameron Balloons Safire Burners ready for customers around the world.

The supremely powerful Cameron Balloons Safire Burner not only produces more power than traditional hot-air balloon burners but the successful tests also showed that it was particularly effective when fuel pressures were low. 

In fact the Cameron Balloons Safire Burner is actually so powerful that a twin configuration can be used instead of a triple burner, which means a reduced cost and of course less weight.

Double Safire is approved and certified for 180,000cu.ft to 315,000cu.ft (5,098 to 8,920cu.m.)

Triple Safire is approved and certified up to a 600,000cu.ft balloon (21,238cu.m.)

The Safire during testing in Mondovi, Italy

Unlike some burners the Cameron Balloons Safire Burner also has a smooth transition from low powered flame to maximum power using intuitive and clear controls. 

And not only does it have serious power it has serious good looks! This new passenger balloon burner has a futuristic stainless steel can and coil is complemented by a silver anodised manifold block.
If you would prefer a burner not for a big passenger rides balloon, we have a vast range of combinations using the Cameron Balloons Shadow, Stealth, Stratus burners; not to mention heaps of optional features which means that you can have the burner that absolutely suits you perfectly! 

Quality - unwrapping components at Bristol HQ

We can help you choose from; easy operation ‘action’ bar for triple and quad burners, flexible or fixed frame corner sockets, pneumatically adjustable height burner frame, restraint lugs, padded burner bags, liquid or vapour pilot lights to name a few of the options... If the choice all seems a little confusing – we would be delighted to help, we can have a quick chat with you and offer some suggestions which will enable the decision making process to be made much easier.

If you are interested to find out some further detail about the Cameron Balloons Safire Burner we have a more in depth article here http://www.cameronballoons.co.uk/spotlight/the-safire-burner and if you would like to view or test this or indeed any of our other burners or equipment, please do contact sales@cameronballoons.co.uk +44(0)117 963 7216. 

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