• arrow • A simple envelope
  • arrow • Based on the popular designs
  • arrow • Small and compact
  • arrow • Lightweight envelopes from 29kg
  • arrow • The Hopper doesn't need a basket
  • arrow • Pilot is strapped into a harness
  • arrow • A stainless steel frame carries burner and fuel cylinder
  • arrow • Offers exciting opportunities for leisure, sport & commercial teams
  • arrow • Unequalled reputation for quality
£ *7,750 (*price from)
€ *8,920 (*price from)

They are branded using the same techniques as a standard balloon, thus allowing for a corporate brand or product to be advertised.

A simple envelope based on the popular Z-Type design that’s small and lightweight. The Hopper doesn’t need a basket as the pilot is strapped into a harness. A stainless steel frame also carries a burner and fuel cylinder.

Hoppers can be branded to cater for your most imaginative advertising, promotion and marketing events. With unequalled reputation for quality, a Cameron Hopper offers exciting opportunities for those on a tight budget or deadline.


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Why not create your very our stunning colour scheme and send to us for a free quotation? Use our wireframe drawing to colour, add a logo and design your beautiful new Hopper envelope.

<<< Click here to download the Hopper Design Chart .pdf >>>


To help select fabric colour

<<< Superlight 38gsm fabric Colour Chart >>>

<<< RipStop/Hyperlast Colour Chart >>>


The selector for Heat Restaint Fabric at the base of the balloon
<<< Nomex Colour Chart >>>

Special Dye Fabrics available upon request

Experience the freedom of flight with a Hopper

Enjoy the relaxed, 360° views of the Earth from this small hot-air balloon. Easy to store, very lightweight and simple to transport between flights, this balloon is quicker to launch and cheaper to run than conventional balloons.

Fascinating to see how balloons are made

It was an absolute pleasure to visit, and is fascinating to see where & how our balloons are made. The welcome we received was brilliant and your staff were so accommodating. They’re an absolute credit to the business.

Alex Ferguson, Virgin Balloon Flights Ltd

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