• arrowCompatible with all vertical Cameron Balloons fuel cylinders
  • arrowVersatile
  • arrowJust 38kg excl. burner & fuel cylinders
  • arrowMaximum of 2 occupants
  • arrowCompact enough to fit into a family car
  • arrowHand-crafted to the highest aircraft standards
  • arrowPrefect for tuition or flights for people with restricted ability
  • arrowEnjoy the freedom of flight without the restriction of a basket
  • arrowOffers tremendous comfort
  • arrowHighest quality of construction
£6,030 excl. burner & fuel cylinders
€6,940 excl. burner & fuel cylinders

Duo airchairs are perfect for any pilot who wants to enjoy the freedom of flight without the restriction of a basket. Whether to instruct a new pilot, present exciting visual and brand impact for your sponsor or to provide an experience for the less physically able, the Duo airchair is compact and versatile.

Build from a tubular stainless steel welded construction. The load is carried from the burner frame with four load wires which are attached to the 'J' shaped frame using quicklinks. 

Standard vertical fuel cylinders are strapped to the ends of the frame. A specialised passenger restraint harness keeps you safe and sound, in total comfort. You can choose between leather or cordura trim.

The Stratus or Shadow burners can be fitted in either single or double configuration. More information on burners can be found here <<<CBL Burners>>>

The positioning of the pilot and passenger offers tremendous comfort while you enjoy the thrill and excitement of flying over the landscape. All airchairs benefit from padded seats, armrests, footrests, easily-accessible controls and a fully-gimballed burner.

Our Chariots are now being used for less physically abled balloon flight training - see for further details. Thanks to Mike Miller-Smith for this movie >>>


To help select your Chariot trimming colours 

<<< Suede/Leather Colour Chart >>>

The selector for Cordura Fabric used for cushions & cylinder covers
<<< Cordura Colour Chart >>>

Special Dye Fabrics available upon request


Here's a cool little movie from our friends at Cameron Balloons US - thanks Andy!

Depend on Cameron Quality

The stainless steel frame of the Cameron Duo airchair means the pilot and passengers can depend on the highest quality of construction. All Duo airchairs are individually and expertly assembled by true craftsmen to aerospace standards.

Our gorgeous balloon has the label ‘Cameron Balloons’

We’ve spent a nice time flying our great, new balloon! We are proud that our gorgeous balloon has the label ‘Cameron Balloons’, and always recommend your company as one of the best aeronautic company.

Yana Vaseva, Russia

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