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As balloonists the flying experience is much more important than what we wear - but being comfortable, dry, warm-and-toasty, ready-for-anything that ballooning can ‘throw at us’ makes the whole flying adventure, much more pleasurable.

If you are asking what is ‘on trend’ to wear when out ballooning…Think fields – mud, sand, dust and dirt…! Think early mornings and late evenings – cool damp ground and vegetation…Think calm winds, clear and sunny skies… Think pockets! As there is usually quite a few useful bits of kit worth taking with you.

Layers are crucial, garments that pack away small and are lightweight are also great.
Balloonists are usually out in nice weather, but it can be cool during early mornings and late evenings (and of course totally freezing if winter-flying!) so good gloves, warm socks and water-proof walking boots are also worth obtaining too.


Superb value for money

A Cameron Concept – whether purchased as an individual item or complete package – will cost less than many other balloons of equivalent size, without any compromise in the guaranteed Cameron Balloon’s quality.