Fuel Cylinders

  • arrowAvailable in 4 different sizes
  • arrowDesigned to comply with latest UN EN Road Transport and EASA design requirements
  • arrowAll cylinders are pi-marked approved in all ADR signatory countries
  • arrowFuel Safe venting kits can be fitted
  • arrowComplete range of refuelling hoses, fuel filters and cylinder manifolds available
  • arrowHigh strength ‘Duplex’ stainless steel cylinder available
  • arrowLightweight aluminium cylinder available
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Cameron Balloons Ltd supply a range of high strength ‘Duplex’ stainless steel cylinders and a lightweight aluminium cylinder. All cylinders are designed and manufactured to comply with aviation (EASA) and dangerous goods (ADR) legislation.

When it comes to safety, all our exclusive fuel cylinders benefit from a full collar design, giving great protection to the vital fuel fittings.

All cylinders are fitted with:
- Contents gauge which indicates from approx. 33% of capacity until the cylinder in empty
- Fixed liquid level gauge (bleed valve) which indicates when the cylinder is full.
- Pressure relief valve (PRV) which protects the cylinder against excessive internal pressure.
- Padded top ring for easier handling, along with a padded Cordura cover for passenger and cylinder protection.

The attractive cover also has an intergal map pocket. Covers are available in a wide choice of colours.



Renowned for providing the safest fuel systems on the market, Cameron Balloons Ltd are proud to announce the introduction of a Duplex Stainless Steel 'Tall 60' - CB2902.

With the height of a traditional '72' litre cylinder and the diameter similar to an AluGas, this is a welcome addition when space in your basket is at a premium. 

Cameron Balloons 'Tall 60' fuel cylinder                      Cameron Balloons 'Tall 60' fuel cylinder





Cameron Balloons Fuel Cylinder Dimensions


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Other colours available upon request.

Cylinder options include RegO or Tema fittings, Quick Shut off valves, fuelsafe systems and Overfill Protection Device (Duplex only).

We can also supply a Mini Vapour Cylinder - 5 litre aluminium fuel cylinder, fitted with a vapour outlet, PRV and connections for two pilot light hoses.

Use of a Mini Vapour Cylinder allows the main master cylinder to be pressurised with Nitrogen (N2) or Carbon Dioxide (CO2) to increase burner power in cold conditions, or in case of low gas pressure (eg: when using Butane). Email sales@cameronballoons.co.uk for further details.

Ultimate Strength from Cameron Balloons

Our duplex stainless steel fuel cylinder is so strong that it is capable of withstanding an internal pressure of 100bar (1450psi). In fact, at 300°c, the duplex cylinder is three times stronger than a stainless steel equivalent.

We love our Concept

Our balloon club, Raumnautit ry, Rauma, Finland has a Cameron C-80 envelope OH-EHR s/n 11299/2009 - It is VERY nice to fly

Antti Lehto, Finland

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