Hopper Base Units

  • arrowGreat fun
  • arrowThe pilot is safely strapped into a comfortable harness
  • arrowPerfectly designed
  • arrowFully adjustable harness to suit all heights
  • arrowAttaches directly to the balloon envelope
  • arrowUltimate flexibility
  • arrowFraction of the running costs of a conventional hot air balloon
  • arrowEasy to inflate and pack away
  • arrowBeautifully-crafted units
  • arrowExtremely simple to operate
  • arrowImproved comfort
  • arrowPerfect for new pilots
£5,550 (ex. cylinder)
€6,330 (ex. cylinder)

Millennium hoppers are great fun. The pilot is safely strapped into a comfortable harness. The fuel cylinder and burner are perfectly designed to attach directly to the balloon envelope. Hoppers provide the ultimate flexibility and pleasure at a fraction of the running costs of a conventional hot air balloon.

The harness technology has been likened to that in paragliding and provides security coupled with comfort for standard flights of about 2hrs in duration.

Easy to inflate and pack away, these beautifully-crafted units are extremely simple to operate and perfect for new pilots or those who want a unique visual impact for marketing campaigns and promotions.

To help select your Hopper Base Unit trimming colours 
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The selector for Cordura Fabric used for cushions & cylinder covers
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For further technical details please feel free to review our Flight Manual supplement for Millennium CloudHoppers >>>

Millennium Base Unit FM supplement


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Folded Millennium Base UnitOur very latest Millennium Hopper base Unit benefits from larger rear-view mirrors, an independent emergency fuel cut-off, padded head-rest, seat positioning tabs for ease of inflation, increased comfort in the seat. Under the seat, there is even a handy pocket, ideal for storage. 

Base Units are now fitted with a set of stainless steel hinges... making transportation and storage even more convenient. This simple system allows for the back frame to fold and pack neatly, even with the harness attached. 



Hopper Hinges - Stainless Steel 

Expertly designed for effortless and cheap flying

The Cameron Millennium Hopper unit is very popular and can be de-rigged quickly for transportation and packed away in a small car or van very easily.

It's a beauty

The balloon is a beauty :) Thank you and the Cameron Balloons crew.

Wojciech Kaczmarek, Kol Dental Balloon Team, Poland

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