• arrowA simple envelope
  • arrowBased on the popular O-Type designs
  • arrowSmall and compact
  • arrowSuperlight weight envelopes from 29kg
  • arrowHopper base units from 20kg
  • arrowThe Hopper doesn't need a basket
  • arrowPilot is strapped into a harness
  • arrowA stainless steel frame carries burner and fuel cylinder
  • arrowOffers exciting opportunities for leisure, sport & commercial teams
  • arrowUnequalled reputation for quality
£*7,750 (*Envelope price from)
€*8,920 (*Envelope price from)

SUPERLIGHT Cameron Balloons O-26 & O-31 Hoppers are now available!

A simple envelope based on the popular designs that are small and lightweight. The Hopper doesn’t need a basket as the pilot is strapped into a harness. A stainless steel frame also carries a burner and fuel cylinder.

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This envelope is perfect for those pilots that are serious about enjoying the freedom of flight and experiencing an enhanced adrenaline high. With unequalled reputation for quality, a Cameron Hopper offers exciting opportunities for leisure, sport and commercial teams.

New Hoppers are made from our stunning Superlight RipStop (38gsm) - that's nearly half the weight of standard computer paper... 

With an envelope that weighs from only 29kg, this stunning advance in fabric technology introduces even lighter ballooning from Cameron Balloons Ltd. Add this to the Millennium Hopper base unit & burner, which weighs just 18kg, and an aluminium 'Alugas' 40 cylinder weighs at 13kg (34kg full) or a Titanium 60 cylinder at 10kg (40kg full)... And you have yourself a 'Record-Breaking' possibility... Superlight-weight ballooning is likely to get even more interesting from now on... 

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Why not create your very our stunning colour scheme and send to us for a free quotation? Use our wireframe drawing to colour and design your beautiful new Hopper envelope.

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To help select fabric colour  
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Please contact us at sales@cameronballoons.co.uk for the very latest SuperLight-weight options and availability.


The selector for Heat Restaint Fabric at the base of the balloon

<<< Nomex Colour Chart >>>


Special Dye Fabrics available upon request

Experience the freedom of flight with a Hopper

Enjoy the relaxed, 360° views of the Earth from this small hot-air balloon. Easy to store, very lightweight and simple to transport between flights, this balloon is quicker to launch and cheaper to run than conventional balloons.

Looking for Ready for Delivery Hopper?

Perfect for low budgets and fast delivery! Cameron Balloons have a wonderful selection of balloons and equipment ready for delivery, something for your every need, so if you require a balloon and don’t want to wait, we can help.

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