• arrow12 Gore
  • arrowFabulous looking balloon
  • arrowBrilliant for the fun-flyer
  • arrowEasy to maintain
  • arrowLarge mouth to aid inflation
  • arrowNicely weighted but responsive vent action
  • arrowVarious sizes available
  • arrowUnrivaled quality
  • arrowA firm favourite
  • arrowTraditional heritage
  • arrowModern fabrics and techniques applied to construction
  • arrowAvailable in wide selection of Lightweight fabrics
£*7,760 (*Price from)
€*9,320 (*Price from)

The Cameron O-type is a perfect compromise between the passenger-carrying A-Type and the smooth, stylish Z-Type.

Over time it has become apparent that this traditional 'Bulbous' shape balloon is a firm favourite for the ballooning community. Modern fabrics and manufacturing techniques have now allowed us to update and revive a balloon that so many people trained to fly in.

This 12 gore envelope is the perfect design for those wanting a light weight option to... for a small supplement, Cameron Balloons can manufacture a new envelope with unrivalled quality that's very light indeed. For example: Our latest O-31 Hopper envelope weights 30kg in it's own bag!

The O-Type can be made from our durable RipStop (69gsm) or our high tenacity lighweight RipStop (between 38gsm & 49gsm depending on brand - that's nearly half the weight of standard computer paper)... 


The envelopes vary from 31,000 to 160,000 cu / ft (890 to 4,530 m3). These different sizes offer a choice for the pilot to fly passengers with different numbers (from 1 to 9 passengers). 

Available sizes for our new standard of O- type:
& O-105



Why not create your very our stunning colour scheme and send to us for a free quotation? Use our wireframe drawing to colour and design your beautiful new O-Type envelope.

<<< Click here to download the 'BRAND NEW O-Type' (31,000ft - 42,000ft) Design Chart .pdf >>>

<<< Click here to download the 'BRAND NEW O-Type' (56,000ft - 105,000ft) Design Chart .pdf >>>


To help select Standard fabric colour
<<< RipStop/Hyperlast Colour Chart >>>

Please contact us at sales@cameronballoons.co.uk for the very latest Lightweight and SuperLight Weight Colour Charts


The selector for Heat Restaint Fabric at the base of the balloon

<<< Nomex Colour Chart >>>


Special Dye Fabrics available upon request


Feel the fibre of our fabric

Cameron Balloons fabrics have anti-mould, anti-mildew and anti-UV degradation agents added to them to prolong the life and colour of our balloons. Fluorocarbon is also added to the outside face of the fabric to defend the fabric from moisture, dirt and debris.