Z Type

  • arrow • Beautiful and elegant shape
  • arrow • World-beating design
  • arrow • The perfect display space for imaginative promotional designs
  • arrow • Designed by computer
  • arrow • Built to aerospace standards by our highly skilled craftsmen
  • arrow • An envelope popular with both corporate and private flyers.
  • arrow • A comprehensive range of options is available
  • arrow • The perfect aerial platform
£ *15,570 (*Price for Z-90 Envelope only)
€ *17,910 (*Price for Z-90 Envelope only)

The beautiful and elegant shape is horizontally cut making the surface of this balloon near-smooth and the perfect display space for your most imaginative promotional designs.

Designed by computer and built to aerospace standards by our highly skilled craftsmen, this envelope is popular with both corporate and private flyers.

Cameron Balloons are very proud to be market leaders in ballooning worldwide. In our ‘lighter-than-air’ sport, weight is a key factor with fabric making up a larger percentage of the hot-air balloon envelope’s total weight. A fundamental weight-saving can be made by using lighter weight ripstop nylon: the reduction can be as much as 30%, depending on type and size of balloon.

Cameron Balloons have a large and vibrant colour range of Superlight, high tenacity, 38gsm fabric which can be used advantageously in envelopes up to 120,000cu. ft (3,400cu. m). This lightweight ripstop nylon incorporates a PU coating and allows us to offer the ballooning world, UK built and fully approved superlight hot-air balloon envelopes of exceptional quality.

For more information on the best fabric options for your new balloon <<< CLICK HERE >>>

A comprehensive range of options is available for this world-beating design.


Why not create your very our stunning colour scheme and send to us for a free quotation? Use our wireframe drawing to colour and design your beautiful new envelope.

Z-56 (2 person) to Z-105 (up to 5 person)
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Z-120 (6 person) to Z-210 (Up to 8 occupants plus pilot)
<<< Click here to download the Z Type Design Chart .pdf >>>


To help select fabric colour  
<<< Superlight Colour Chart >>>

<<< RipStop/Hyperlast Colour Chart >>>

The selector for Heat Restaint Fabric at the base of the balloon
<<< Nomex Colour Chart >>>

Special Dye Fabrics available upon request

Quality Construction & Craftsmanship

It is experience that makes Cameron Balloons unique. With more than 40 years of building our products to aircraft standards means that we have a team who carefully craft and care for the finished product.

Looking for Ready for Delivery Z Type?

Perfect for low budgets and fast delivery! Cameron Balloons have a wonderful selection of balloons and equipment ready for delivery, something for your every need, so if you require a balloon and don’t want to wait, we can help.

A Great Product

I want to express my thanks for the wonderful job that Cameron Balloons have done in building our new balloon. She looks stunning, and flies very well. A great product which we hope will match its predecessor

Jon Rudoni, Wickers World Ltd

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