Aristocrat CB300-3A

  • arrowAristocrat 77 / 84 basket
  • arrowReady for delivery
  • arrowBrand New
  • arrowBeuatiful black suede trim
  • arrowBlack suede pole covers
  • arrowStylish black cushion floor
  • arrowFully woven
  • arrowSwept top
  • arrowStainless Steel 'U' tube frame
£3,629 excluding taxes
€4,174 excluding taxes

Cameron Balloons has the top and world-renowned reputation for hot-air balloon hardware excellence. This hot-air balloon basket is no exception - created by craftsmen, ready for sale and ideal for a 77,000 or 90,000 cubic foot balloon envelope.

The attractive and practical black suede trim feels elegance and provides comfort and superb protection. The basket comes complete with 4 internal rope handles and 10 external carry handles.

Also included are a black cushion floor.

The basket standard minimum internal height is 94cm and the standard overall height is 120cm.

However, if this is not quite what you are looking for...
We at Cameron Balloons offer the widest range of baskets, with over 200 elegant designs to choose from.

Our baskets are constructed primarily from willow and cane, these traditional materials are still used today as they provide unrivalled resilience, are both lightweight and easy to maintain, as well as adding to the overall romantic and indeed tactile element of lighter-than-air flight that we know as ballooning.

Quality Construction & Craftsmanship

It is experience that makes Cameron Balloons unique. With more than 40 years of building our products to aircraft standards means that we have a team who carefully craft and care for the finished product.

Technical details

Ready for delivery

LBL Quick Release
Suede Pole Covers - lrg