• arrowLightweight Silicone fabric - 60kg*
  • arrow56,000cu ft / 1,586cu m
  • arrow0 Hours
  • arrowSilver Supplement inc.
  • arrowBeautiful Semi-Bulbous shape
  • arrowPopular type for sports balloonist
  • arrowLarge Mouth opening
  • arrowGreat price for a brand new envelope
  • arrowAlready on the UK register
  • arrowEASA CofA gained
  • arrowWill come with 12 month ARC
  • arrowStd Parachute deflation system
  • arrowBuilt Aug 2016
  • arrowBuilt to aerospace standards
  • arrowIncludes nomex scoop

This envelope (CN:12001) is built from lightweight silicone fabric, as Navy was unavailable in Superlight fabric at time of manufacture. Subsequently, Cameron Balloons have added Navy to the range. The customer opted for the Superlight version due to their projects very tight weight limitations, making this balloon available for sale. 

Hours - 0

Weight - 60kg

The O-Type envelope combines the engineering efficiency of the popular Viva and the advertising effectiveness of the smoother N Type envelopes…a balloon for all!

*Please note this is not Superlight fabric. The fabric is a 55gsm lightweight silicone fabric.

Quality Construction & Craftsmanship

It is experience that makes Cameron Balloons unique. With more than 40 years of building our products to aircraft standards means that we have a team who carefully craft and care for the finished product.

Technical details

Ready for delivery