LBL TT No.55 Basket

  • arrowThe very last LBL TT basket
  • arrowLBL No. 55
  • arrowSuitable upto 425 envelope
  • arrow420cm x 152cm nominal size
  • arrow4.30cm x 1.59cm external size
  • arrowPole socket reinforcement
  • arrowBeautifully trimmed in Black Leather
  • arrowStainless Steel footsteps
  • arrow4 stepholes per endwall
  • arrow8 Red Cordura Sidewall Cushions
  • arrowCushion Floor
  • arrow100% Cane
  • arrowStainless Steel top & bottom frame
  • arrowPilot Restraint Anchors
  • arrowInc. 50m dropline in case
  • arrowInc: Fire Extinguisher Pocket
£20,850 ex. taxes & delivery
€23,978 ex. taxes & delivery

Quality Construction & Craftsmanship

It is experience that makes Cameron Balloons unique. With more than 40 years of building our products to aircraft standards means that we have a team who carefully craft and care for the finished product.

Technical details

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