Superlight Envelopes

  • arrowBrand new, high tenacity Ripstop Nylon
  • arrowStunning advance in fabric technology
  • arrowIncorporates a PU coating
  • arrowExclusive new colour range
  • arrowExceptional quality
  • arrowWeighs just 38gsm
  • arrowYears of testing and development
  • arrow4 yrs or 250 hr guarantee, whichever sooner
  • arrowFor use with fully EASA approved envelopes
  • arrowAvailable in all approved sizes to 120,000 cu ft
£*7,750 (*Price from)
€*8,920 (*Price from)

Cameron Balloons have a large and vibrant range of Superlight Silicone 38gsm fabric which can be used favourably in envelopes up to 120,000cu ft (3,400cu m). 

Due to the large percentage of a hot-air balloon envelope being fabric, a fundimental key is the saving that can be made by using a lighter ripstop. This could be up to 30% depending on the type and size of balloon required. This gives the greatest saving by far.

Other specifications like flat-webbing tapes, 3mm diameter flying wires and lightweight crownline will all compliment your choice.  

To continue with the weigh-saving, why not include Kevron load tapes? they are immensely strong and very light-weight, offering a further 4% reduction in weight from our standard evelopes. We encapsulate these 'tapes' within the seams, to protect them from damaging UV rays. Any Kevron load tape that can not be within the seam is feed securely through a tubular, outer tape to ensure it's longevity.

We are very pleased to announce that our Superlight fabric is the same price as our regular Ripstop (69gsm). A range of 49gsm ripstop fabric is also available, subject to a small supplement charge. Please call or email for further details -

Why not chat with our sales team about which fabric is right for your balloon or project, we would be delighted to provide ideas, suggestions, case-study experience, customer testimonials and fabric samples.

Example of the weight-saving you could achieve with a Cameron Balloons Envelope:

Z-90 or O-90 from 66kg? Here's how we do it - 

Superlight Example



Our most recent Superlight hot-air balloon envelope builds have included:

Cameron Z-105 Superlight 

Cameron Z-105 Superlight = 76kg


Cameron Concept70 Lightweight

Cameron Concept70 Lightweight = 69kg


Cameron O-77 Superlight

Cameron O-77 Superlight = 60kg


Cameron O-65 Superlight

Cameron O-65 Superlight = 60kg (inc. artwork)


Cameron Concept60 Lightweight

Cameron Concept60 Lightweight (49gsm) = 58kg


Cameron O-31 Superlight

Cameron O-31 Superlight Hopper = 30kg

Feel the fibre of our fabric

Cameron Balloons fabrics have anti-mould, anti-mildew and anti-UV degradation agents added to them to prolong the life and colour of our balloons. Fluorocarbon is also added to the outside face of the fabric to defend the fabric from moisture, dirt and debris.

Looking for Ready for Delivery Superlight Envelopes?

Perfect for low budgets and fast delivery! Cameron Balloons have a wonderful selection of balloons and equipment ready for delivery, something for your every need, so if you require a balloon and don’t want to wait, we can help.