02 Feb 2018

Aerial Work Balloon Business - Part 2

Part 2 - Spotlight on Aerial Work Balloon Business.

Please find part one of this article here: 

This is the second part of the article and it gives more detail about the costs of making marketing noise.

It should be noted that much of this information has been developed as background for UK based, Aerial Work Balloon Businesses – however, if you are thinking of setting-up elsewhere, much is still highly relevant but please speak with us for specific help and information enquiries@cameronballoons.co.uk  +44(0)117 963 7216 

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The Value of Britain’s Events Sector – direct spend by segment (latest figures 2016 Eventbrite)

Conferences and meetings – £19.9 billion Exhibitions and trade fairs – £11.0 billion
Incentive travel and performance improvement – £1.2 billion Corporate hospitality & events – £1.2 billion
Outdoor events – £1.1 billion Festivals and cultural events – £1.1 billion
Music events – £1.3 billion Sporting events – £2.3 billion
In August 2016 – Eventbrite reported that there are over 7000 outdoor events in the UK each year – so plenty to choose from… and that is just in the UK.


Specialised balloon events are hugely popular… here are some facts about some of the biggest…

Balloon Festivals – Big and Small - Event Statistics and details. Correct at 2017

1. Albuquerque International Balloon Festival (New Mexico - USA) October.
Estimated crowd size: more than 500,000 over 9days (some days about 100,000 visit) up to 750 balloons entered.

2. Lorraine Mondial France (“Metz”) held in July in ‘odd years’
Estimated crowd size: more than…. awaiting figures

3. Bristol International Balloon Fiesta (UK) August
Estimated crowd size: around 300,000-400,000 over 4days approximately 120 balloons attend. Bristol International Balloon Fiesta (BIBF) is one of the largest balloon events in the UK.


Figures for – BIBF exposure and reach


4. Gatineau Hot Air Balloon Festival (Quebec, Canada) End August early Sept (just North of Vermont)
Estimated crowd size: more than 200,000 also hosting different types of displays and shows. 

5. Quick Chek New Jersey Festival of Ballooning (New Jersey - USA) July.
Estimated crowd size: more than 175,000 events include fireworks, food, and craft vendors

6. Adirondack Balloon Festival (New York state in the mountains - USA) September.
Estimated crowd size: more than 150,000 aiming to promote education in the sciences of aviation & aerospace. 

7. Balloons Over Waikato (Hamilton, New Zealand North Island) March
Estimated crowd size: more than 130,000 over 5 days

8. Great Forest Park Balloon Race (St Louis Missouri USA) September.
Estimated crowd size: more than 130,000 on one day (and a nightglow the day before)

9. Great Falls Balloon Festival (Maine, USA) August.
Estimated crowd size: more than 100,000 at twin city locations.

10. Plano Balloon Festival (Texas, USA) September.
Estimated crowd size: more than 90,000 alongside community fund-raising events

11. Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta (North of Manilla, Philippines) February
Estimated crowd size: more than 60,000 with about 100 balloons attending with other events such as skydiving, flag jumps, microlight, and rocketry demonstrations as staples of this festival

Media Kit - Quick Guide – at September 2017.

Social media
LinkedIn adverts.
Paid for in dollars - roughly $2.50 to $5.00 per click for sponsored updates – these target audience’s home feed or display ads which show as small boxes on the right hand side of your target audience’s home feed. You can set a maximum (daily) budget.

Facebook adverts.
Appear most usually on the right of your home feed. Used for more likes, to send users to a tab (e.g. for a special offer), or to encourage them to land on your website usually costing about 20p to 70p per like. You can set a maximum daily budget.

Twitter adverts.
Twitter shows these as sponsored updates in your feed either by targeting keywords in tweets or hash tags or target specific Twitter users and their followers, as well as their interests. There are clicks (on links and hashtags), retweets, replies, and follows. When you set a bid for your ad, you are bidding on all of these engagements – known as “effective Cost-Per-Engagement” (eCPE). You can set a maximum daily budget. Expect to pay about 30p to 70p per engagement.

According to televisioncampaign.co.uk the costs for a single 30 second advert are as follows:
Channel 4
• Daytime average: £3,575
• Peak average: £6,400

The cost of “TV advertising (can be) £2,000 up to more than £1 million”
2016 ITV Spots are a classed as a 30second advert which does not include the cost of making an advert for one transmission – split by UK region.

Billlboards - UK Prices at 2016 – as sampled by www.signkick.co.uk

Factors that affect billboard costs include location, design, setup costs and rental period these prices are advertised as rental for a 2-week period, including production and placement costs but do not include VAT.

Magazines & Print
GQ Magazine According to GQ’s 2017 rate card
• Well placed full colour advert £48,903
• Regular page full colour advert £19,828
• Half page £10,488

Vogue UK According to Vogue’s 2017 rate card
Circulation of 190,021 with a readership of 1,210,000 and 57million monthly page views 
• Well placed full colour advert £71,290
• Bound in scent strips two sides £33,630
• Half page masthead (page specified position) £19,230
• Online advertising £3,500 to £10,000 per week increased during fashion weeks

The Daily Telegraph According to the Telegraph’s 2017 rate card
Daily circulation 477,927
Monthly unique visitors Print, PC and Mobile = 24,616,000
• Full page colour ad £59,000
• Half page £43,500

The Times According to the Times’ 2017 rate card
Daily circulation 450,064
Monthly unique visitors Print, PC and Mobile = 6,353,000
• Full page colour ad £27,000

Local Newspaper (with readership of around 50,000)
• Full page colour ad £3,000
• Half page £1,500

BristolPost.co.uk 1.7 Million monthly unique viewers 10.1 Million monthly page views
GloucestershireLive.co.uk 1.1 Million monthly unique viewers 5.8 Million monthly page views


  Radio According to radioadvertising.co.uk
“a week-long campaign that uses a 30 second advert (this does not include any production costs) could cost anything from:
• £500 on a local station
• £2,500 on a regional station
• Upwards from £10,000 on a national station

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