15 Sep 2016

Balloons Over Atacama, Chile.

Cameron Balloons is delighted to have built three passenger-rides hot-air balloons for the new company, Balloons Over Atacama, in Chile, South America. ‘One of the most exciting things about ballooning is that you make those life-long forever memories and this sounds like the most amazing place to do just that.’ Hannah Cameron, Cameron Balloons Ltd. explains.

Founded by Eastern safaris, the company behind Balloons Over Bagan, it launched it’s first balloon nearly two decades ago, flying passengers in stunning burgundy hot-air balloons above Myanmar’s ancient Bagan temples.

Now, Balloons Over Atacama are resourcing their proven tourism and hotelier expertise, their passenger-ride operator skills and their professional pilots and staff to develop a new, high-quality balloon-flight experience - offering flights to passengers over the striking Atacama Desert. Known as the closest thing to Mars, the rugged landscape covered in naturally-occuring salt mineral ‘snow’, is also where Nasa tests instruments and equipment for future missions to Mars.          

This new ballooning venue is sure to attract those visitors and tourists seeking not only an amazing balloon flight over the unique rock-formations that make this landscape so mesmerizing - but also for those who want to experience the feeling of being explorers and adventurers as they are immersed in the joy of being lighter-than-air, whilst flying over one of the most arid places on earth.

‘Ballooning of the Atacama is awe inspiring. Where else can one take off in one of man’s first inventions of flight, over the driest place on earth, with a backdrop of volcanos? ’ Khin Omar Win, Balloons Over Atacama.

“The tailor-made balloon flights and packages feature the company logo and livery colours; built by Cameron Balloons in deep burgundy colours, proudly displaying the Balloons Over Atacama golden wings logo.

“Cameron Balloons did a fantastic job of building our deep burgundy balloons. Designed to be environmentally and culturally sensitive, the colour reflects the morning light and the gold bird logo pays homage to one the myths of the Atacama desert – the Alicanto bird. The myth of the Alicanto states that who so ever sees the bird in flight and catches where it lands, will find gold.”

Balloons over Atacama’s goal is to create lasting memories for you and your loved ones, to experience with them the amazing creation of mother nature, the wonder that is the Atacama Desert.” explains, Khin Omar Win, Balloons Over Atacama.

Balloons Over Atacama is part of an award-winning group of companies, founded by husband and wife team; Khin Omar Win and Brett Melzer.

For more information visit http://www.easternsafaris.com/balloonsoveratacama_contact-us/

Photo Credit: Andrea Davey

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