20 Nov 2020

Cameron Balloons' NEW Western Canada Representative

What a better way to announce our NEW Western Canada Cameron Balloons’ Representative Shane Lockyer but on Montgolfier Day, 21st November 2020. (237 years after the anniversary of the first free flight with human beings!)

Shane is well known in Canada’s ballooning circles as part of the Calgary Balloon Club, and after achieving his pilot licence in 2017, he has already logged nearly 200hours. Shane is now working on his Pilot Instructor ratings as well as working towards increasing his skills in competitive balloon flying where he hopes to soon compete and in time represent Canada in the World Hot-Air Championships.

Pictured at Cameron Balloons US in 2019

Shane explains “Along with being an active pilot, I am currently working towards my Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Certification and expect to complete this by the end of 2020. I am also involved in the local ballooning community. I have served on the Calgary Balloon Club executive since 2017, and in that time I have represented the club at numerous community events and parades, I have also helped develop the Club’s strategic initiatives and to give back to the sport I love, I also support and volunteer with my local ballooning community by serving as webmaster for several ballooning organizations.”

Shane an Automotive Service Technician by trade, is not new to the Cameron Balloons’ family as he often flies a instantly recognisable Cameron Demonstrator in red, white and blue livery, N-65 or occasionally a O-77 in sunshine or snow over picturesque landscapes and enormous skies often alongside other local pilots. 

Shane will be the first point of call for the area, ready to serve balloonists and assist with new orders, annual or regular maintenance and, if required, repairs. Shane is married to Emma, who is working and studying at the town’s nearby University - where she will complete her Masters of Education in the next year or so and they are based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Pilot Shane Lockyer flying all year round.

“We at Cameron Balloons are thrilled to welcome Shane Lockyer to the Cameron Balloons Representative Team, oftentimes referred to as the Cameron Balloons’ Dealer Network. I am always delighted to bring new talent and skills to enhance our superb Cameron Balloons “family” and Shane has a passion for our lighter-than-air sport, he will also be a great ambassador for our sport, he is dedicated and has great enthusiasm, underpinned with support from, not only his family but also from David Gleed who we would also like to thank formally for his tremendous work assisting and training balloonists over the decades!”
Nick Purvis, Sales Director Cameron Balloons Ltd. Bristol, UK.
Make sure Shane and Emma see you to say hello when out flying or at balloon events…. they will be super easy to find on any launch field… Just look out for their amazing smiles!

Shane and Emma Lockyer

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