24 Feb 2017

Cameron Balloons Plans the next Ballooning World-Record Attempt.

The 2017 Cameron Balloons’ world record-breaking attempt; to fly the most, solo, hot-air balloons simultaneously, will take place in France.

Cameron Balloons are very proud to be supporting balloonists worldwide working towards yet another world-record-flight attempt. 

The Cameron Balloons solo, Hopper record-flight attempt will take place during the 2017 Mondial Air Ballons meet in July.
Event organiser, Cameron Balloons' Hopper Brand Ambassador, Steve Roake will be supported by the Cameron Balloons Team.

“A huge thank you to Steve Roake for all his behind-the-scenes work. We at Cameron Balloons are delighted to support this… another significant, ballooning record-event.” explains Craig Moore, Director at Cameron Balloons.

“It’s great to be associated with the world’s most successful Hopper manufacturer in recent years.” reports Steve Roake.

 This event is open to all balloonists with a few, small and some obvious conditions… the balloon must be a solo aerostat up to 42,000cu.ft in size, entry to the balloon meet is also a requirement, details of which can be found on the Mondial website - but ensure if you are interested in flying your Hopper there, that you please also contact Steve Roake too. steve.roake33@gmail.com


"Being a brand ambassador is easy for me & given the choice & if I were spending my own money, it would be in Bristol.” recommends Steve Roake 


“As an engineer who has spent the best part of thirty years in Formula One, the way Cameron Balloons constantly evaluates its products, seeking to refine and enhance their products, listening to customer feedback, is a culture I very much buy into. The refreshing approach to redefining the brand is liberating in a world where you normally get a stock item and that’s it.” - Steve Roake


 Record Attempt Background.
We are going to try to get at least 50 Hoppers, all flying in one place!
Cameron Balloons are supporting our record-attempt event.
The first objective is to make this a possibility – we need more Hoppers so… We Need You! 
The minimum requirement to beat the current unofficial record stands at 30 Hoppers 
We already have 30 participants who are committed to the record-attempt but we would like more, to really ‘smash it’!
The previous unofficial record in 2006 at the ‘One Man Meet’ in the UK was 29 Hoppers.

The infrastructure is in place…
the rest is up to you, please join us on this historic and epic adventure whose main aim is to promote the fun of flying and in this case solo flying.

Steve Roake explains further.
One brand (Cameron Balloons) stood above the other and this has led to an agreement to work together to achieve the record-flight and more. For me, from the outset I wanted to be associated with a company that embraces our sphere of ballooning and the Cameron Balloons approach to cloud-hopping in recent years since the introduction of the Cameron O-31 has been nothing short of incredible.
Cameron Balloons are very supportive of the Super Lightweight initiative and when we discussed what was needed to complete the record-attempt they were fully on board.
I am also delighted to say I have accepted their offer to become Cameron Balloons Hopper Brand Ambassador.


Steve Roake

“We are thoroughly delighted to recognise Steve’s contribution since 2004 to global Hopping.” explains Craig Moore. “So do ask Steve about the merits of his new complete Cameron Balloons Hopper and if you have an ideas for Hopper progression, Steve or us here at Cameron Balloons would enjoy listening to your thoughts.”

Welcome to the Cameron Balloons Team Steve from us all at Cameron Balloons – delighted to have you Hopping about and as the collective noun for Grasshoppers is a ‘cloud of grasshoppers’ we think it would also be rather nice if it were a cloud of balloon Hoppers… along-with the more usual ‘fiesta of Balloons’!

So far Cameron Balloons are delighted to welcome the following Hopper pilots to the Cameron Balloons Solo Hopper Record-Attempt Event

Steve Roake (UK – Organiser and Cameron Balloons Hopper Ambassador)

Craig Moore (UK) Cameron Balloons Demonstrator Hopper G-CJOI
Jochim Frieb (Belgium)
Ian Chadwick (UK)
Adrian Brown (UK)
Gareth Gray (UK)
Jackie Hibberd (UK)
Sidney Severin (Belgium)
Bart Geeraerts (Belgium)
Mike Woodcock (UK)
Greg Winker (USA)
Dave Such (UK)
Colin Butter (UK)
Andrew Gregory (UK)
Filip Audenaert (Belgium)
John Hilditch (UK)
Tim Orchard (UK)
Geoff Lescott (UK)
Adam Barrow (Australia)
John Tyrrell (UK)
Paul Wade (UK)
Martin Mitchell (UK)
Marcus Ekeroos (Sweden)
Peter George (UK)
Edcar Vermeulen (Netherlands)
Bernhard Pferscher (Austria)
Kevin Tanner (UK)
Gabriella Sargeant (Switzerland)
Bruce Ross (Norway)
Tony Attwood (UK)
Eric Jan Doornewaard (Holland)
Tony Jay (Germany)
Paul Spellward (UK)
Thomas Gleixner (Switzerland)
Joe Daly (Ireland)

This really is, another great reason to get Hopping !

More details and how to register for the 2017 Cameron Balloons’ world, record-breaking attempt; to fly the most, solo, hot-air balloons simultaneously, in France are here on the Cloudhopper.org website and in Cloudhoppers.org Newsletter 92

 (Correct at June 17)

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