17 Mar 2015

Hello from Cameron Balloons

Here are some ways to contact us or to get more involved; to join in, to find out, to discuss, to share and to be part of our extended ballooning family via Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and Twitter!

If you would like to speak directly with us… You are very welcome to chat with us at a balloon meet, contact us by email, or telephone us & we would also be very happy to welcome you on a visit here at our factory and offices at Cameron Balloons, Bristol BS3 4NH.

Telephone: +44(0)117 963 7216

Sales Team & Customer Support
Nick Purvis, Sales Director – npurvis@cameronballoons.co.uk
Craig Moore, Director and Quality Manager – cmoore@cameronballoons.co.uk
Julia Dalbyjdalby@cameronballoons.co.uk
Simon Askeysaskey@cameronballoons.co.uk

Aftersales & Spares Orders
 - Andy Booth – aftersales@cameronballoons.co.uk

Lindsay Sadler, Production Director - lsadler@cameronballoons.co.uk

Hannah Cameron, Director & Company Secretary - hcameron@cameronballoons.co.uk

David Cameron, Technical Director - djcameron@cameronballoons.co.uk
Pete Johnson, Airworthiness & Hardware Engineer – pjohnson@cameronballoons.co.uk
David Boxall Chief Airworthiness Engineer – dboxall@cameronballoons.co.uk

Certification - Sharon Wilkins - certification@cameronballoons.co.uk

Buying - Simon Whatley – swhatley@cameronballoons.co.uk

Accounts & Sales Ledger - Sarah Woodward - accounts@cameronballoons.co.uk
Accounts Purchase Ledger - reception@cameronballoons.co.uk

For other email addresses, please use the first name initial and surname then add @cameronballoons.co.uk - for example hcameron@cameronballoons.co.uk & if you are not sure who you need, please email enquiries@cameronballoons.co.uk and one of our very nice and experienced staff will be delighted to assist you.

Facebook - Cameron Balloons Ltd

Here you can find all sorts of up-to-the-minute news stories, special-shape photos, history, archive information, competitions and offers. It is a great place to send us your news, be part of our family of aeronauts and to join the great lighter-than-air story with comments, ideas and questions.

YouTube - Cameron Balloons 
Here we have a collection of videos that feature us at Cameron Balloons and some of the amazing balloons and objects we have manufactured. There are fabulous videos featuring fantastic pilots, breath-taking scenery, useful teaching points and even some hilarious and historic balloon films too.

An beautiful and ecclectic mix of Cameron Balloons' built hot-air balloon photos and news.

Pinterest – Cameron Balloons Ltd
A collection of inspiring photographs of our hot-air balloons taken from all over the world by some amazing photographers, including some of our best behind-the-scenes photographs in our ‘Inside the Balloon Emporium’ collection. We even have a growing collection of the Fabric Engineering structure photographs, objects we have built, for pop concerts, technical applications, art installations, films, sports events and even for designer-fashion film shoots -where aeronautical engineering meets fashion!

Twitter – Cameron Balloons Ltd @cameronballoons
For a quick engaging view of our Facebook stories and for some extra news snippets - definitely worth 'keeping an eye' on this quick version of Cameron Balloons news.

And if you would like to make a suggestion or comment about any of the content on this website or our social media sites or would like to send us some news or photographs, please contact enquiries@cameronballoons.co.uk or email Hannah Cameron hcameron@cameronballoons.co.uk
Thank you

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