05 Feb 2018

Long Build Discounts

No rush for my balloon - I would rather have a great saving!

Continuing on from the success of the last few years Cameron Balloons are again offering the advantageous to Clients, ‘Long Build’ offer, envelope discount scheme.

This is the perfect hot-air balloon production build slot for Clients who are not in a hurry for their new hot-air balloon envelope.
Balloonists benefit by having a discounted price for their envelope(s) and Cameron Balloons can build the new envelope(s) in a convenient to the factory time-frame during a mutually agreed 6month period.

The easy rules of the Cameron Balloons ‘Long Build’ offer are:
Cameron Balloons agree that the new hot-air balloon envelope & any associated equipment will be ready in six calendar months from the date Cameron Balloons Ltd. receive the valid Customer-signed Sales-Agreement, the full deposit paid into the Cameron Balloons bank account & the client-signed confirmation of all the colour-schemes as required.

We at Cameron Balloons then start the clock-ticking and at the end of 6months the remainder of your invoice will be ready to be paid and at that point your new hot-air balloon envelope & any associated equipment will be ready to collect too.
And that is it!

So if you love the superb quality and service from Cameron Balloons but would like to save yourself some money
please contact Cameron Balloons’ Sales Director Nick Purvis and ask for a Cameron Balloons ‘Long Build’ Offer.
Telephone +44(0)117 963 7216

Useful extra notes:
We at Cameron Balloons will try to finish your balloon and equipment earlier – but Balloonists and Clients should not sign up to this contract if they require a quicker balloon build-time, any changes to the delivery time during the agreed six month period will automatically forfeit any special discount, could also incur extra costs for additional staff-hours and is sadly not able to be guaranteed.
This offer replaces all previous ‘Cameron Balloons’ Winter Build Offers’ and all ‘Cameron Balloons Gold and Silver Savers’ until further notice.

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