04 Sep 2015

Spotlight on NANO v.4 Basket

The NANO v.4 Foldable Superlight Basket. 'Our initial priorities were simply to offer the best, pilot-friendly, high-quality product, using aerospace standards and newly available materials and parts. We drew on 45 years of lighter-than-air experience, our strong aeronautical background and built the NANO v.4 Basket using our highly experienced, expert craftspeople and artisans. Once finished, we had designed, developed and built The NANO v.4 Basket a fully-tested, fully approved, safe, new, hassle-free, easy-to-use, superlight hot-air balloon basket.

Building on the success of the Cameron Balloons Voyager series which was a fold-down basket introduced in the 1990’s, the Cameron Balloons design team developed the ‘fold-down or pack-away’ idea further to this... 

The NANO v.4, is a fully-collapsible basket which exceeds EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) manufacturers’ basket guidelines. As well as that, other major benefits are the lightweight construction, forward-thinking innovative design, the use of proven dependable & superlight materials and overall ease of use.

What can I expect from my new Cameron Balloons NANO v.4 Basket? In brief…
Pilot + 2passengers
Completely EASA compliant
Available as standard-height or ‘hi-spec’ and is fully collapsible to less than 40cm
Designed to fit a standard burner frame
Super-strong Titanium upright supports
Ingenious suspension wire design
Total basket weight about 40kg*
Continuous surround protects occupants and eliminates crew or onlooker entrapment
Super-light ‘sandwich’ composite floor
Modular design
Super-smooth platform
Available extra options for example to carry 40 litre cylinders externally for inflation and flight

Folds to less than 40cm

Cameron Balloons NANO v.4 in detail.

Pilot + Two Passengers.
The internal floor space is designed for a Pilot plus two passengers in most circumstances. It is an ideal piece of equipment for sport balloonists worldwide and is perfect for those that prefer to go 'trailer-less' 
A great basket for family teams (as the weight-saving makes it easy to manage even with youngsters!) as well as for those who have restricted storage space when not ballooning - a converted dry, secure, bicycle type lock-up container could house the balloon equipment, when not in use.

Fully EASA compliant.
The whole NANO v.4 system has been fully approved and certified by EASA.

Available in standard-height or hi-spec and is fully collapsible to a height of less than 40cm.
Two height versions are available from Cameron Balloons; 1160mm from the base of runner to the top of the basket stub and a ‘hi-spec’ version 1260mm for those taller or for those who wish to have a higher-sided basket.

Designed to fit a standard Cameron Balloons burner frame.
Cleverly using the popular Cameron Balloons Concept-60 basket top frame, the NANO v.4 basket fits any standard size Cameron Balloons, LHABL or T&C burner frame, making it easy for Pilots to use existing owned equipment if preferred.

Super-strong Titanium upright supports.
The basket upright supports are made from titanium with nylon inserts, weighing just 390gms each (Each upright support weighs a third less than an average iPad)
‘The eight individual upright supports are evenly located between the top and base frames and when combined with the taut cross-bracing, they offer tremendous strength and reliability.’ Explains Dave Boxall, Design Engineer Cameron Balloons

For ease, the cross-bracing is permanently attached to the four sides, the Pilot is able to release the taut straps for basket-folding, but without undoing the system completely, putting an end to hunting for buckles or ends-of-straps.

‘And, if access to the basket is required while it is upright in the vehicle, this can be achieved simply by loosening a couple of straps, ‘un-velcroing’ a side and folding it open for access. It makes it easy to refuel, re-pack or store equipment in a decluttered, hassle-free, safe way.’ Explains Simon Askey, Cameron Balloons.

Ingenious suspension wire design
Two ash runners protect the wire suspension system, which runs underneath the basket, the wires terminating onto eyebolts via links. It enables, should any damage occur, the wires to be re-swaged or replaced very easily and provides a clear visual and physical path for the Pilot to check this vital piece of the basket composition pre-flight.

Total basket weight is about 40kg*
The external floor dimensions are 946mm x 1124mm and has been designed to allow the option of folding into the luggage or boot area of a large 4x4 or pick-up when folded. Some balloonists have even used a vehicle tow-hitch platform, folded the basket into a PVC basket cover and stowed it vertically, externally against the back of the vehicle for travel.

*Note, by adding extra features and equipment into the basket and the basket organiser will increase its overall weight.

Continuous surround protects occupants and eliminates crew or onlooker entrapment.
Continuous ‘top-to-toe’ sidewall trim, without gaps, fully complies with EASA Certification Specifications. This provides occupants and crew with complete protection. The design ensures there are no little ledges or platforms for helpers to externally stand on and no possibility for occupants’ body parts or belongings to fall out or protrude through any part of the wall of the basket during landing. 
Continuous padded leather or suede basket-top frame trim, also ensures comfort of the pilot and passengers during all aspects of the flight.

Superlight ‘sandwich’ composite floor
The specially developed, sectional, composite and aluminium floor, is 4kg lighter than its plywood equivalent and incorporates a non-slip surface.

Additional option to carry 40 litre cylinders externally
This basket system includes the usual option to carry the fuel cylinders internally, strapped into the basket corners, but if you prefer Cameron Balloons have a strong, certified and proven external basket, fuel cylinder carrying-system which then provides more internal basket space.

Modular Design
This lightweight clever, modular design eliminates the need for traditional wicker. The lightweight aluminium sections are designed to enhance overall product strength and enclose the composite floor snugly. All parts are precision cut and include drain holes and is 4kg less overall in weight to its nearest plywood counterpart.

Change the colour scheme options
If you would like to change your NANO v.4 colour scheme, or if you need a repair, the NANO v.4’s simple system makes it easy to replace existing parts with new and reassemble. After the required inspection and release-to-service paperwork, your NANO v.4 basket can be straight back into the air.

‘This equipment is all about ease; ease of use, ease of storage and ease of maintenance.’

Packed ready to go

NANO v.4
Prices from £4250 *
Valid at Sept 2015  *Subject to local tax and any extra options as specified by the pilot.

For more information or a demonstration of the NANO v.4 or indeed any of the other Cameron Balloons products, please contact E: sales@cameronballoons.co.uk T: +44(0)117 963 7216 and we will be delighted to assist.

NANO v.4 Basket Organiser

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