25 Feb 2014

Website development - the story so far

‘GravityWell have been an exciting (and considering the complexity of the information we wanted to convey) - a hassle-free website developer to work with, not only are they creative, they also immerse themselves in the ethos to really understand the company.’ states Hannah Cameron of Cameron Balloons. 

Simon and Laura really took time finding out what we are about, touring around our works, taking photographs, speaking with staff and even flying with us in one of our balloons over the city of Bristol where we are based. They learnt first-hand about the workings of hot-air balloons and our sport.’ Simon Askey of Cameron Balloons explains.

 ‘To understand the all-important detail, to help with the day to day serving the needs of their customers and developing strategies by working alongside our clients is key, Simon Bos of Gravitywell agrees, ‘and in the aviation sector we had lots to learn but lots to offer. The creation of the web pages needed a responsive, photo-led website that would work on any device. One of the other main elements of the brief was that it was essential that Cameron Balloons Webmasters had complete control of the contents through a bespoke content management system.’

Simon Askey, Simon Bos, Laura Nevo & Hannah Cameron

‘We broke the elements of the website into pieces, phase one had a skeleton structure, the technical support library of manuals, service bulletins, service letters and parts catalogues and of course products pages where we showcase lots of information about our range of bespoke hot-air balloons and fabric engineering technology that more information could ‘bolt’ onto.’ states Simon Askey.

The second phase has been adding lots of content to all of our website areas as well as adding an innovative section of story updates which allows discussion and comment under the heading ‘Articles’ and a new section ‘Ready For Dispatch’ for the items that are ready for sale now from Cameron Balloons – this includes ready-to-go envelopes, baskets, burners as well as those ‘little gems’ of balloon equipment you have might just need, the odd cylinder cover or second hand pole cover.

Now phase three has been started, so as well as loading up more content, developing the Cameron Fabric Engineering side, we are also investigating other tools that will help the balloonist in areas of their lighter-than-air flight and training. The great news is that there is so much to add, it will be constantly evolving.

Responsive design that's image driven

The DISQUS function enables another form of communication with us here at Cameron Balloons… it is an innovative and great way for anyone to ask a question and speak to us as if we were in the pub sitting next to them, we are just getting used to it… but why not give it a go!

The whole process of the new website design is only smoothed out by being able to work together efficiently with our web developers, so being timely on both sides has been critical – we had to ensure that we don’t hold the developers up with content or decisions and the developers worked hard to implement changes and amendments which meant we could keep the whole site moving forward.

The design took a little longer to deliver than we hoped for, mainly as we have added so much to the website from our original plan…. but now it is in really good shape and we hope that as we add more and more you will continue to enjoy it, but in the meantime if we have forgotten anything that you would like to see please do let us know. enquiries@cameronballoons.co.uk  +44(0)117 963 7216

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