05 Feb 2018

What if I need a Cameron Balloons built hot-air balloon quickly?

What if I need a Cameron Balloons built hot-air balloon quickly?

If you need a balloon quickly – perhaps for a film job, a surprise marketing splash or special event...
Cameron Balloons can offer "Quick Build" balloon construction for an extra supplement. 

This service, if available uses extended working-hours by the expert Cameron Balloons team to help reduce build times – enabling delivery dates to be reduced up to potentially half of the usual build-time specified.

"The extra 20% charged by Cameron Balloons is simply to help pay for the extra hours of overtime which are needed to speed up delivery and also to pay the aviation authorities for the extra ‘fast-track’ legal paperwork." explains Nick Purvis.

The easy steps for the Cameron Balloons "Quick Build" service are:
Contact Sales Director Nick Purvis for a build time and enquire about the availability of any "Quick Build" production 'slots'.
Agree the dates with the Cameron Balloons Team and receive the formal Cameron Balloons' Sales-Agreement (contract).
Then to get production underway, we simply need; the full deposit paid into the Cameron Balloons bank account, the client-signed Cameron Balloons Sales Agreement and a signed confirmation of the colour-scheme required.

So if you love the superb quality and service from Cameron Balloons but would like to speed up the delivery time or have any questions please contact Cameron Balloons’ Sales Director Nick Purvis and ask for a Cameron Balloons ‘Quick Build’ Offer.
Telephone +44(0)117 963 7216

Valid at February 2018.
This offer may be revoked at any time without notice and only becomes contractual when all the above conditions are met & mutually agreed.
Most balloons normally takes between 6 to 40 weeks to complete and much of the timing depends on the balloon’s size, the complexity of the build, the colour-schemes, intricacy of any artwork(s) and our current production workload.

Thank you
Cameron Balloons Ltd.

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